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About Us

Since 1989, ROCCO'S AUTO TECH has been the preferred Orange County Independent installer for Mercedes-Benz dealerships and luxury car owners in Costa Mesa, California. New car dealers can't keep up with new electronic systems because of the way new cars are designed and sold, but we stay current with the latest technologies from the world's leading manufacturers.

Specializing in Mercedes-Benz vehicles for more than 35 years, we've been working with local new car dealers to keep their inventory of cars up-to-date with the latest technologies. Cars are designed up to four years before we see them, so electronics and safety systems can be way behind. That's where we come in. We keep everyone current with new software and systems and use all factory parts wherever possible.

Over the last thrirty years Rocco's has installed the first  generation CD players from Sony, in the 80's, the first multi disc changers, the first ever in car televisions, the first automotive rear view cameras , the first generation incar video systems for LAPD, and Camp Pendetons Military Police in the 90's, the first ever satelitte radios from Sirius /XM in 2004, the first IPOD intergration kit from Apple, and now countless new innovations in safety and automomous vehicle systems including the latest in Radar Blind Assist , vision technologies from Mobileye driving aids. All this starting with installs of the very first Car Cell phone from Mitisubishi in 1983 while working with local stereo and custom shops.

Joe Eyerman

The Starting Point

At just 14-years-old, our owner Joe Eyerman, began his career in New Jersey, building skateboards, bicycles, and cars from scratch in his driveway. His uncle Roger Welding's South River, New Jersey custom van shop Showvans' spurred Joe's interest and skills in automotive electronics at a young age. Years later he started working on larger and larger projects. His first task was fabricating parts for custom-designed vans and pickup truck conversions, including installing carpet, painting cars, and doing cabinet work.

The Custom Experience

At a very young age, Joe improved his skills for installing automotive electrical devices. Every car was designed directly with the customer's input and no two were alike. This is where his love for custom electronics started and it has never stopped. These vehicles were outfitted with custom-built accessories from seating to antenna televisions. Today, our team is a preeminent provider of luxury automobile electronics, including:

» Bluetooth
» MP3 and iPod Integration
» Rear-View Safety Cameras
» Video Displays and DVD
» CD-Players
» GPS Navigation

Custom Training

This experience led to many contracts with local limousine manufacturers, stereo outlets, and custom body shops. Joe has installed everything from eight-track players, speakers, and computers for business vehicles. Eventually, our projects got more extensive with Joe working corporate buses and limos. We also handled a number of fabrication projects, including bulletproof glass conversions for celebrities and diplomats. No job was too big or too small. But our forte has always been electronic installs using Factory orignal parts.

The Big Move

In 1989, Joe moved to Costa Mesa, California, to serve the area on a more personal level. Our shop is named after Joe's son Rocco Eyerman, and we work directly with local new car dealers and install the latest car phones, navigation systems, and CD players being reintroduced from the 80s.


Joe has worked with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to install the first ever in-car video systems, providing the footage that's now commonplace on the evening news and shows like COPS. Joe has also partnered with the film and advertising world for companies like Toyota®, and Mercedes-Benz in many capacities, and has served the Orange County Authority Fire (OCAF) headquarters for several years.